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Hierarchy Map PVP – Multiplayer


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The Way to Set up a Hierarchy Map?

After download Hierarchy Map, then find your .minecraft folder:

  1. Windows: Go to the Start menu , then go to Run . Otherwise, do Windows Key + R. Then type %appdata% in the search bar and then go to the .minecraft folder .
  2. Linux: Press ALT + F2 in Precisely the Same time. You should generally possess your .minecraft. In case you don’t view it, trigger hidden folders with an CTRL + H combination.
  3. Mac: The minecraft folder is situated in User> Library> Application Support. If you can’t locate Application Support, then do Finder> Menu Bar: Go + Hold ALT> Library.

Next drag your map file into the saves folder, and it is located in your .minecraft. Launch the game, and have fun!



Inside the city of Gunivers, a little group of merry fellows indulging in the excellent action of mapmaking (we’ve already been in a position to savor Super Murder as well as Witchery ) and sometimes a few frenzied matches of a famed MOBA whose title I won’t mention.

Whatever the circumstance, this game appears to have motivated the team because we locate at Hierarchy some comparable and very intriguing gameplay mechanics.
Forget all you know about classic PvP, yet here will not be any question to club his mouse into the cramp except to use his charms while considering several parameters.

This actual option to the most popular nagging and mindless PvP will still provide you a lot or more enjoyment than the countless UHC and Rush you’ve loved previously.
Additionally, Hierarchy will permit you to test out many game modes around as amusing one compared to another and get many different courses and specializations that will influence your gambling experience.
Ultimately, the scene of those clashes is very worked and immersive, which is relatively uncommon to get a map of the sort and needs to be emphasized.

To know

  • All the game modes work with tickets , scores specific to each team and which decrease over time and events (murders, capture of the flag).
  • All the spells on the map can be used simply with a right click !
  • The paths below are areas where you will be invisible to your enemies.
  • To navigate through the class and specialization selection menu in the lobby, simply throw the corresponding item of your choice.
  • The three maps are designed to be dynamic and therefore allow players to access strategic points , located high up , from which you can escape by jumping on the slime blocks .
  • Moths appear randomly on the map and bring ten coins to the player who crushes one.

Game modes


This game mode is the simplest and is, as its name suggests, a confrontation between two teams. Each murder will lose 5 tickets to victims and win 5 tickets to killers. The team with the most tickets at the end of the allotted time or succeeding in losing all their tickets to their opponents is victorious.

Emblem taking

The objective here will be to seize the enemy flag and bring it back to your castle to steal 10 tickets from your opponents. Be careful, though; you will not get back the enemy banner if your banner is not there! While launching offensives on the enemy fortress, you will need to defend yours!

Note that the flag bearers will be visible to all thanks to Glowing effects and will also be slowed down and devoid of all their movement spells.


This game mode is quite similar to the basic principle of MOBAs: each of the two teams must defend a Bulk, itself contained by one or more generators (the equivalent of inhibitors), themselves defended by towers.

By default, towers and generators are harmless and will take damage if a player from another team stays within their radius. However, if an ally enters this perimeter, the crack stops, and the building deals heavy damage every two seconds to the nearest enemy.

Generators slowly recover health if damaged and can rebuild if an enemy player crosses the Bulk. If this is the case, said player would earn his team 10 tickets, taken from the opposing team’s stock.


Just as simple as the Showdown, this game mode is a showdown between two teams. What sets it apart from this last mode is that no respawns will be allowed! You will then have to pay attention to the least of your actions and be very attentive because the course of a game can be very quickly reversed. If all team members are dead, the team loses all of its tickets and loses the game.


If you’re bored of conventional game modes, this last mode might just appeal to you. Its principle is simple: when starting the game, a sub-mode will be launched randomly among the following:

If you’re bored of conventional game modes, this last mode might just appeal to you. Its principle is simple: when starting the game, a sub-mode will be launched randomly among the following:

  • I believe you can fly:
    • Map: Ruins
    • Game Mode: Emblem Taking
    • Special feature: everyone as a wind mage, unlimited mana, no regeneration spell
    • Game mode: deathmatch
    • Special feature: everyone as a fire mage, unlimited mana
  • Big muscle but little heart:
    • Game mode: confrontation
    • Special feature: everyone as a goalkeeper, choice of specialty. Warrior attacked with an ax takes near-lethal damage
  • One in the chamber:
    • Game mode: deathmatch
    • Special feature: everyone as a summoner hunter, the power of the bow is increased tenfold
  • More love less war:
    • Game Mode: Emblem Taking
    • Particularity: everyone in assassin, specialty of your choice. Only the sword inflicts damage; the other negative effects are canceled or reversed (treatment)
  • Winter is coming:
    • Game Mode: Emblem Taking
    • Special feature: the organge team has fire heroes, the blue team has ice heroes
  • Who Am I? :
    • Map: arena
    • Game mode: deathmatch
    • Special feature: with each kill, players randomly change class
  • Where the hell am I? :
    • Game mode: deathmatch
    • Special feature: on each kill, players are randomly teleported and teams are remixed. There is a chance that a teleportation will take a player to another map.

Classes and Specializations

Each class will have the same six specializations, but each combination will allow the player to benefit from different spells. A Mage and an Assassin “Burner” will therefore not have the same abilities.


The Mage is a class capable of inflicting quite heavy damage and in an area. Its different spells and specializations will make it an ally of choice in team confrontations, even if it is, on the other hand, very weak in melee. Indeed, the Mage, unlike the Assassin, does not have a sharp blade weapon and will prefer ranged combat rather than face to face. Therefore, a good mage will not hesitate to use his movement skillfully spells to create strategic positions (in height, on a roof, etc.), allowing him to be helpful without being vulnerable.

Passive Skill: When a mage takes damage, the cooldowns of his spells are reduced by half a second. In addition, its basic attack is not affected by reflecting damage from certain enemies and regenerating its mana.


The Assassin is a very effective fighter capable of inflicting heavy damage in melee. Fearsome face to face, especially against a Mage, he favors using his weapon while using his various movement or invisibility spells allowing him to approach his target quickly.

Passive Skill: When an Assassin hits an enemy with his ax, he gains a health regeneration effect allowing him to recover up to 5 health every 1.5 seconds.


The hunter specializes in ranged attacks, which he performs with his basic attack. This is also its primary source of damage.

Passive: When a hunter hits someone with their primary attack, an arrow remains stuck on them for five minutes, preventing them from becoming completely invisible. An indicator has a one in ten chance of highlighting its target.


The warrior rushes into the crowd. With significant amounts of life, he is at the heart of the melee, taking the blows of enemies as much as he assists his allies.

Passive Skill: When a Warrior is at rest, he gradually gains movement speed. It can then take support on the ground and leap very high at its maximum speed, creating a shock wave on the ground inflicting light damage on nearby enemies. This passive cannot be used while the player is wearing the objective. It is also considered a movement skill and can therefore be blocked by certain spells.


The guards are defenders, which means that they are more resistant than the other classes and thus act as re-enterers. These tanks rush headlong into enemy lines to mobilize their resources and divert their attention from the real poseurs. damage to your team. He also has a support role with his allies and takes hits with a powerful shield.

Passive Skill: When a Guardian’s life drops below 40 HP, they gain 20% resistance, increased to 40% of their life drops to 20 HP. This resistance cannot be combined with the effects of spells and potions.


Time Master

Spell 1: destabilizes the space-time in front of him to disintegrate all the projectiles which strike him. He can therefore protect his entire team from enemy attacks.
Spell 2: Creates a wormhole, teleport him and his allies and gain 40% protection for 5 seconds.
Ultimate: Concentrates nearby particles to create a small singularity. It slows down and poisons nearby enemies, but provides 40% protection for nearby allies. It lasts 7 seconds, during which time he cannot move or use skills. If he dies, the singularity disappears prematurely


Spell 1: Disappears in instant combustion then reappears in an aura of fire, which burns nearby enemies.
Spell 2: creates a heat bubble burning all the enemy projectiles and thus creating a safe zone for the alies.
Ultimate: Charges up to five bursts of flame into the target area. Enemies in place are injured and slowed down.


Spell 1: Creates an electromagnetic field that destroys enemy projectiles and prevents them from teleporting and moving around the covered area. Allies receive 40% protection and enemies are lightly poisoned. The field lasts 5 seconds.
Spell 2: teleports to the desired location. Enemies close to the starting or ending point receive damage.
Ultimate: Charges the ground and air touched by the Guardian with electricity. When the skill is used, charged areas are targeted with three lightning bolts falling within one second of each other.


Spell 1: Launches an ice ball that explodes on impact, dealing damage and rooting enemies hit while creating a regeneration zone for allies for three seconds.
Spell 2: envelops the player in ice for five seconds, making him invulnerable, but also immobile: he cannot move or cast spells. It regenerates its health and grants 20% protection to allies within a radius of fifteen blocks.
Ultimate: Slows all nearby enemies for seven seconds, taking damage whenever the player receives it. If the latter dies during the effect, nearby allies are healed.

Wind howler

Spell 1: Creates a sand-laden wind that sweeps through the wall, scaring enemies hit, blinding and damaging them.
Spell 2: collects nearby air, healing surrounding allies, but not the caster. Then, the latter takes support on the condensed air to accelerate suddenly. All enemies struck are dragged with it and receive damage.
Ultimate: Bounces the player, who then falls back creating a shock wave. Nearby enemies take light damage, are fearful, and deprived of spells for two seconds.


Spell 1: Summons four energy orbs on the ground for ten seconds. Allies marching on it are healed, but enemies are heavily injured.
Spell 2: Creates a blinding zone, which gives allies a speed bonus. Immediately after creating the area, the player teleports to the nearest enemy to be in the area, scaring them off and dealing damage.
Ultimate: Spawns four Skeleton Horses allowing the player and his allies to move faster. Anyone on a horse deals slightly less damage with their base weapon, but their cooldown is reduced to zero.

  • Author: Gunivers
  • Minecraft version: 1.12 – 1.14 – 1.16
  • Map Type: PVP – Multiplayer

Download Hierarchy Map for Minecraft [1.16.5]

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