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The Way to Set up a Prefab Mod?

Make sure you have set up the API that’s recommended with Prefab Mod. This is suggested in the download links. After download mod, then find your .minecraft folder:

  1. Windows: Go to the Start menu , then go to Run . Otherwise, do Windows Key + R. Then type % appdata% in the search bar and then go to the .minecraft folder .
  2. Linux: Press ALT + F2 in Precisely the Same time. You should generally possess your .minecraft. In case you don’t view it, trigger hidden folders with an CTRL + H combination.
  3. Mac: The minecraft folder is situated in User> Library> Application Support. If you can’t locate Application Support, then do Finder> Menu Bar: Go + Hold ALT> Library.

Next drag your mod’s .jar file into the mods folder, and it is located in your .minecraft. Launch the game, If so, congratulations, you have successfully installed Minecraft Forge. Done!

Prefab Mod

Though Minecraft expands essentially about structure, it’s apparent that all gamers don’t necessarily master this place since it could be complicated and tedious to construct a building worthy of this title. Prefab mod created by WuestMan that permits you to procure a pair of practical and decorative buildings, which you may make straight in the crafting table and set on your world. If you lack time, ability, willpower, or patience, the writer offers you various pre-built structures to fit into the world, which we’ll observe a bit under.
We advise that you utilize the Just Enough Items mod to learn all of the crafts.

The starting house:

When you create your world, you will need to craft the blueprint for your first house. It exists in 5 different forms (Basic, Hobbit, Ranch, Desert, and Igloo).

The craft:

The house’s materials and contents can be changed through the configuration interface when you right-click on the floor with the plan in hand.

  • The walls can be replaced with different types of wood.
  • The door will be the same type of wood as the wall.
  • The floor can be stonebrick, brick or sandstone.
  • The ceiling can be stonebrick, brick or sandstone.
  • The ceiling can be flat or vaulted (stepped).
  • Torches can be added inside the house. There will be one or more torches per wall. It depends on the size of the house.
  • A sign will be posted outside the house next to the stairs indicating the owner of the house.
  • The house can be decorated with the following items. They can all be disabled in the configuration.
    • Bed
    • Crafting table and oven (with 20 charcoal).
    • A large chest.
    • If a chest is added, it can have the following content.
      • All tools (in stone) as well as a sword (in stone).
      • 20 Breads.
      • 3 wheat seeds.
      • 3 potatoes.
      • 3 carrots.
      • A full set of leather armor.
      • A stack of cobble
      • A stack of soil
      • 3 tree shoot (Oak)
      • 20 torches
    • There will be several torches on each wall (Exterior).
    • If the ceiling is flat, there will be several torches on the roof.
    • If the ceiling is vaulted, it will have 1 torch at its end.
    • A farm outside.
      • This farm is added next to the house.

Overview of the different houses:

The warehouse:

This structure is mainly intended to be a storage place available when you are well advanced in the game, given the resources required. There are 2 variations. The first is basic storage and with several crafting tables. It has 24 large chests and around 16 ovens. The second is a more advanced version that includes something to practice alchemy as well as enchantment.

The created structure has the following dimensions: 16 blocks high, 16 blocks wide and 16 blocks long (16x16x16). There are a total of 3 floors.

  1. The basement
    1. There are several chests, ovens, and crafting tables.
  2. The first floor
    1. This is the second storey of storage, just like the basement there are several chests, ovens, and crafting tables.
  3. On the second floor
    1. In the basic version, there is nothing in this floor so it is up to the player to do whatever they want.
    2. In the advanced version there is enough to do alchemy as well as enchantment.

The crafts:

(The crafting of the components will be explained at the bottom of the article)


4 double compressed stones, 2 double compressed glowstones, 1 triple compressed stone, 1 compressed chest.

4 double compressed stone, 1 wharehouse upgrade, 1 compressed chest, 1 triple compressed stone, 2 double compressed glowstone

The henhouse :

This is a relatively simple structure to craft so that you can store chickens early enough in your game. The chicken coop has the following dimensions: 8 blocks high, 6 blocks wide, and 10 blocks long.

The crafts:

The tree farm:

The tree farm is a moderately accessible structure in terms of cost, allowing you to have a place to grow all your trees.

The Tree Farm, when created, is 9 blocks high, 38 blocks wide, and 38 blocks long. It is, therefore, a large structure that can take some time to generate.

The craft:

The farm :

Also moderately accessible, the farm allows, as you can imagine, to grow whatever you want in an enclosed space.

The farm, when produced, is 9 blocks high, 32 blocks wide and 32 blocks long. Like the previous structure, it can therefore take time to create.

The craft:

The fish pond:

Here is a straightforward structure to craft, allowing you to have a pleasant place to spend your many hours of fishing.

The pond, when built, is 12 blocks above ground, 3 blocks underground, 32 blocks wide and 32 blocks long. It can therefore take time to generate.

The craft:

The mob factory:

This structure is quite challenging to obtain and allows you to have a place where you will be able to collect the loot of mobs and the XP that results from their death.

The craft:


The stable contains several places for your horses, equipped with hay bales.

The craft:

Barn :

This large building contains 16 individual enclosures for as many animals. Perfect for multiplayer or if you intend to breed on a large scale.

The craft:

Nether Portal:

Here is a less helpful structure than the previous ones, but relatively imposing. It’s a simple Nether portal surrounded by pretty impressive scenery.

The craft:


Unlike the other buildings in Prefab, the bridge is not placed via a GUI, but thanks to a preview that lets you know precisely how to put it. It is 50 blocks long and forms a three-block wide track.

The craft:

Engine room :

A curious building whose entire space is ideal for carrying out experiments of all kinds and storing machines from other mods (even those of your invention). You can access the roof with a minecart.

The craft:

Defense bunker:

This structure is designed as a place of defense for PvP or on servers with reasonably powerful monsters. All windows are hatches for you to go over.

The craft:

Ender Gateway:

If you need to go to the end but can’t find a fortress, this is the structure for you!

The craft:

Aqua Base:

This building is designed to be created underwater. It can also be surface fabricated if required.

The craft:

Magic Temple:

A small building, but with enough space for an enchantment table and a brewing station.

The craft:

Moderate Houses:

This is a plan that allows the player to make several houses with a different style. This building is only available from Minecraft version 1.11.2.

The craft:


This is not a building; it breaks all the blocks in a 16x16x16 area. It’s expensive to craft, but all the blocks are broken like you’ve broken them yourself, and you get the resources back. It can be used up to four times and can be repaired in an anvil.

The craft:

Welcome Center:

This structure is meant to be built near the spawn to provide a server’s players with a great place to rest and relax or hang out. There is no crafting recipe for this structure as it is intended to be placed by server administrators.

Jail :

This structure allows you to accommodate villagers (or villagers). It has a guard post with a guard. The guardhouse has roof access so that you can patrol the prisons. The block comes with 3 cells, and each of them has a raw “bed,” a sink, and a table. A lever can open all enclosures and doors in the guard post.

The craft:

The new blocks of Prefab:

To finish the article on Prefab, you will find below all the crafts of the new blocks allowing you to craft the plans of the various buildings above.

The Way to Put in Minecraft Forge?

Minecraft Forge can be really a Modding API which means it is rather simple to put in a range of different Minecraft mods.

  1. Go to the Forge internet site, pick the Minecraft variant you want to conduct out of the side bar on the left, and then down load the installer.
  2. Open the .jar document you’ve just downloaded, then ensure’ Setup client’ is selected and then click okay.
  3. Once that’s finished you’ll find a success message.

You should see that the Minecraft Forge text at the lower left-hand corner and a Mods button below the multi-player.

  • Author:  WuestMan
  • Minecraft version: 1.12.2 – 1.14.4 – 1.15.2 – 1.16.5
  • Mod version:

Download Prefab Mod for Minecraft [1.12.2 -> 1.16.5]

Please read the wiki before asking questions in the comments.


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