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Microsoft Word for Mac will get two new shortcuts 

There is nothing surprising that Microsoft Office apps for MacOS and iOS (from Apple) usually get fewer features and updates, compared to their versions for Windows. However, the wait is...


The new Action button for iPhone 15 is being tested

The Action button as seen on the Apple Watch Ultra is making its way to the iPhone 15 Pro models. As reported, the mute switch is going to be replaced...


What’s New On The Latest iOS 16.3.1 For iPhones

iOS 16.3.1 is the latest software update from Apple for iPhone 8 and above devices. It is the predecessor of iOS 16.3 that came out last month. In the following...


Apple AirTag Helped Car Owner Find His Stolen Car

Apple has introduced AirTag to the market in 2021 as a tracking device to help navigate items through your Apple devices. It is marketed especially for small items such as...


It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Microsoft Internet Explorer 

We are all familiar with Internet Explorer from the very first days of browsing the Internet. After several years dominating the browser market, it gradually lost its position to other...


Fun Dinosaur Facts for Kids

Dinosaurs are some of the most fascinating creatures that have ever walked the Earth. They come in all shapes and sizes, and their fossil records tell us a lot about...


A zombie villager can be cured in how long?

  A. It takes five minutes for the zombie villager to start healing after you feed him a golden apple. The zombie villager will continue to act like a zombie...


a villager on the plains with an enchanted iron sword.

A group of zombie villagers [Bedrock Edition only] or a lone zombie villager may instead spawn when a group in the usual spawn cycle spawns zombies by a chance of...


The Language of the Minecraft Enchantment Table: Useful Tools and Instructions

A game is a realm of fantasy where you can escape reality and become anybody or anything you want to be. A whole new universe of fantasy with its own...


Fire Resistance Potion Making Instructions

We need to gather the ingredients to construct a Potion of Fire Resistance before we start the potion's brewing procedure. To find out more about these exact substances, see the...


The best MAC 10 Warzone loadout advice

In Warzone, the MAC-10 has had an outstanding run. Due to the release of the MP40, it is no longer quite as well-known, but it is still vying for the...


On ChromeOS, There Are 41 Cool Crosh Commands

Do you understand what a crosh command is? Of course, that's why you're here, and it's my responsibility to inform you thoroughly about it and everything surrounding it. Your device...

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