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a villager on the plains with an enchanted iron sword.


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A group of zombie villagers [Bedrock Edition only] or a lone zombie villager may instead spawn when a group in the usual spawn cycle spawns zombies by a chance of 5%.

A villager has a chance to turn into a zombie villager if any kind of zombie kills that person.

A zombified zombie villager does not respawn in Java Edition if the player has traded with it at least once before it dies, but it still counts toward the hostile mob cap like all other persistent mobs do. However, if the zombie villager takes up any object, it continues to be persistent but is not counted toward the mob quota. In Bedrock Edition, every zombied villager is tenacious. Read more  how to cure a zombie villager

In every igloo basement, there is a cleric villager and a cleric zombie villager (a normal zombie villager in Bedrock Edition and a cleric zombie villager in Java Edition). Due to the workstation, one of them changes into a leatherworker (a cauldron). They are produced in abandoned villages as well. Both of these structures generate zombie villagers, although they do not naturally respawn. read more  how to cure a zombie villager

Different Baby Zombies

All Bedrock Edition mobs that can be ridden by young zombie villagers.

5% of zombie villager spawning are infant zombie villagers. In contrast to other infant villagers, they have large heads. With the following quirks, they behave similarly to typical zombie villagers:

Although they move 30% more quickly than regular zombies, they are no less healthy. Due to this, the smaller zombie villagers are more hazardous than the larger ones.

They make sounds that are higher pitched than those made by adult zombie villagers.


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