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Animaker Deck – The world’s first Avatar support software!


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In early 2022, Animaker reached a very important milestone with more than 10 million users. It was on that happy day that we came up with greater goals and plans for the future:
“To make a presentation good and engaging that makes viewers praised and accessible to everyone in the world”
To achieve those goals we had to enlist the help of Animaker Deck – A #1 Presentation Maker that aims to eliminate all boring presentations for viewers!

In one video, the Animaker Deck is used to perfect your presentation to perfection with:

  • 100 million + Stock image
  • 100K + Icons and properties
  • Fun animations
  • Eccentric Gifs
  • Brand Toolkit Manager
  • Customizable 2D backgrounds

And more!

1. Beautiful avatars attract viewers:

Personalized avatars are being favored by inboxes and social media for the rich and new things they offer us.

Animaker Deck offers a super powerful Avatar generator that comes with a lot of options to play with like facial features, outfits and accessories.

The amount of customization it offers is so elaborate that you can literally build Billions of unique Avatars.

In addition to the Avatar builder, Animaker Deck is also preloaded with a multitude of pre-made professional Avatars that can be used immediately in your slides.

Animaker Deck offers hundreds of realistic looking characters/avatars to spruce up your presentation! From there you can freely choose to use for your work.

2. Select ‘Animate’:

Animaker Deck has over 50 Animation effects that can be applied to all elements of your presentation slides with a single button.

All you need to do is simply drop objects and text onto a slide and tap the animation button to automatically apply animation effects to all elements in it.

3. The number of users increases over time:

Animaker Deck allows you to share and edit your presentations in real time along with your colleagues.

You can now bounce off ideas, make changes, and get creative together in real-time! Whenever and wherever!

4. With over 100 million stunning images to choose from:

To help you tell compelling visual stories, Animaker offers a vast 100 Million+ library of hand-curated images to use in your slides.

And, with over a 100 million images to choose from, you will have everything you need to convey your unique idea to the world in the most compelling way.
Our library covers topics ranging from nature, travel, business to current events and trends.

5. With 100K Icons:

The right icons and properties will let you cut down on the text you use on any slide.
That’s why we decided to add 100K+ Icons and properties into the Animaker Deck library.

With just these simple icons, it will make your presentation easier to convey the meaning of the presentation, but also help maximize the benefits that come with it.

Next time you will see these features show up on your app one by one.
While that’s what our product team will focus on, get creative and try new looks with creative presentations.
It will be fun to see your ideas come to life and we will be delighted to see those products as well.


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