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Apple AirTag Helped Car Owner Find His Stolen Car


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Apple has introduced AirTag to the market in 2021 as a tracking device to help navigate items through your Apple devices. It is marketed especially for small items such as a key or wallet. It works as a solution for forgetful people who usually leave things randomly or prevent the possibility of losing your items to someone else. Notably, it might also work well with moving objects such as kids, vehicles or pets. Recently, a man in North Carolina, United States has reported this incredible experience that you might want to see in the following post right here. AirTagSource: Apple

Thanks to the AirTag inside the car, police officers successfully tracked the car. Unfortunately, the thieves crashed the car during the chase. The owner of the car is Antar Muhammad. His car is a Toyota Camry that he found out lost after seeing his neighbor’s camera. “We woke up, and I looked outside and I asked my wife, ‘Hey, do you know your car’s no longer in the driveway?’”, he told AppleInsider. Afterwards, he found out that three thieves had stolen the car and driven away without knowing that there were AirTags installed within the car with the app on his iPhone AirTagSource: Apple

Muhammad is used to placing AirTags as many as he could. These include several different items such as his car and new luggage. “I’m able to pinpoint exactly where it’s at and actually to zoom in and almost precisely pick out the parking space the car was in,” he added. 

These thieves are rather dangerous since police found arms inside the car. So far, AirTags are rather helpful in these incidents since they are small enough to not be recognized by the thieves. Especially when the owner places somewhere unnoticeable. Then, the location will be tracked easily as well as the criminals. Previously, a man in Canada also found his stolen Range Rover in June 2022. This Apple tracking device also helped save a dog that was lost in the terrifying floods in California. The device helped rescuers to locate and come to the dog on time. AirTagSource: Apple

If you are some type of a clumsy person who has to look for your stuff frequently, AirTags are among the tracking devices that you might need. Each one costs $29 and you might get a special offer at $99 consisting of 4 packs in total. The objects which are easy to be lost are wallets, backpacks, vehicles, pets and also keys. For more updated news, visit our website regularly. 


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