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Complete a presentation in 5 easy steps


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If you are a person who has to give presentations, do you know if you are a good presenter or just to some extent? A good presenter needs a lot of energy from the audience and action accordingly. In addition, smart apps make small improvements based on audience response to content.
In the tech world, you’re more and more likely to find yourself giving presentations remotely in front of a virtual room of colleagues, which also helps relieve the pressure of being in front of a crowd and still confidently present. present your presentation.

It would be difficult to create a communal atmosphere and make it easier for everyone to get distracted and get along without face-to-face interaction between the presenter and the audience.
If the presentation goes on without interaction between the presenter and the audience, the audience will be very sleepy and unable to concentrate. That’s why nonverbal cues are a big deal in any presentation.
Now you have two big challenges if you are a virtual presenter!

  • How do you elevate your presentation in a virtual meeting?
  • How to attract and capture the attention of the audience? Also, take verbal and nonverbal cues as feedback to make sure the presentation is going well.

1. Show yourself that you are a different person:

Your audience won’t listen to you through the screen for too long if you just sit and talk without interacting with them.
The first thing you need to do is break this idea down. Set clear expectations. There are many techniques you can use to assure your audience that your presentation will be different without making them feel bored or sleepy.

2. Open Camera so people can see you and your dedication to them

Switching on the camera is a great deal to hook attention.

Yes, you will see some drop in users when you ask the audience to switch on their camera too. But be very polite and always ask if it is possible to see them too.
To avoid embarrassment, do mention this meeting is a video call and the audience will be prepared enough.

3. Ask the audience questions after each content

It is a good practice to ask some questions, but ensure to clarify every 10 mins to know that they are listening.
It is most likely that to your first question, they may go blank.
Don’t embarrass them! Instead, do a filling and help them.
They will learn to gain attention in the future.
Even while presenting, it is important to gauge audience reaction and interest.

4. Create interesting content and images to attract viewers

Suppose you are using an Animaker deck to avoid boredom. By using characters that look like your presenter or client.
Sometimes it can be a solution to your presentation that is more engaging.

Try asking your audience, “Does this character look like me?” and capture their attention at ease.
Break the monotony with personalized avatars in the presentation and a lot of companies are using them to their fullest.
They help increase audience attention, boost feelings of inclusiveness, and encourage interaction.
Jazz up your presentation with cool gifs, animations, videos to make it even more interesting.

5. Don’t stand still, move to show your confidence

Nothing makes people feel closer and connected than moving themselves towards the camera.
This is a very old technique which the theater artists and film actors do a lot. Moving towards or away from the camera to make people hooked to the story.
So, it is a good idea to move towards the camera and move back some time to gain attention.

Above are simple steps to help you have a perfect presentation, attract the audience without making them feel boring and give them the knowledge you convey.


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