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100 Things to build in Minecraft


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I realise this blog has probably been done a hundred times before. You can probably just Google everything it contains.

Nevertheless, we need ideas like the ones I’m about to share, because people don’t always think of these online resources and rarely find what they want. This leads to moaning for days on end, not knowing what to do and threatening to quit the game altogether simply due to a lack of inspiration.

So here I am, shoving inspiration in your face.

100 THINGS TO BUILD IN MINECRAFT. No world is complete without these creations, and a few of them should be manageable in survival mode. Take a look…

  • 1-Prison
  • 2-Maze
  • 3-Laboratory
  • 4-Train station
  • 5-Fountain
  • 6-Power Plant
  • 7-Skyscraper
  • 8-Hospital
  • 9-Lighthouse
  • 10-Town hall
  • 11-Cinema
  • 12-Theatre
  • 13-Library
  • 14-Church
  • 15-Castle
  • 16-Zoo
  • 17-Farm
  • 18-Skating Rink
  • 19-Restaurant
  • 20-Beach
  • 21-Hotel
  • 22-Supermarket
  • 23-Concert Stadium
  • 24-Football Stadium
  • 25-Obstacle course
  • 26-Airport
  • 27-Tennis Court
  • 28-Spa
  • 29-Swimming Pool
  • 30-Nightclub
  • 31-Stripclub
  • 32-Underwater city
  • 33-City on stilts
  • 34-Floating City
  • 35-Factory
  • 36-Collusium
  • 37-Chocolate Factory
  • 38-Water Park
  • 39-Campsite
  • 40-Concentration Camp (I do not support these.)
  • 41-Torture Chamber (These…maybe.)
  • 42-Ski Hill
  • 43-Lemonade Stand
  • 44-Pizza parlour
  • 45-Snow Fortress
  • 46-Glorified dirt building
  • 47-Mineshaft
  • 48-Storage
  • 49-Ice sculpture
  • 50-Dinosaur
  • 51-An attractive garden
  • 52-Redstone-powered computer
  • 53-Fashion show runway
  • 54-Abandoned City
  • 55-Barber Shop
  • 56-Swamp
  • 57-School (To remind us of the good times…)
  • 58-McDonald’s (I’m lovin’ it.)
  • 59-Helicopter
  • 60-Dentists’
  • 61-Sawmill
  • 62-Water wheel
  • 63-Water fall
  • 64-Trees with crazy leaves
  • 65-Blacksmith
  • 66-Mob Chamber
  • 67-A place for skydiving
  • 68-Bowling Alley
  • 69-Basketball court
  • 70-Dock
  • 71-Cruise Ship
  • 72-Galleon
  • 73-Submarine
  • 74-Spleef arena
  • 75-Market stalls
  • 76-Cottage
  • 77-A giant Christmas tree
  • 78-Your bedroom on a large scale
  • 79-Wind Turbine
  • 80-Spaceship
  • 81-Planets in the sky
  • 82-TNT elevator
  • 83-TNT cannon
  • 84-Traps
  • 85-Walls
  • 86-A dome
  • 87-A giant board game
  • 88-Giant crater
  • 89-An Olympic Park
  • 90-Fake clouds
  • 91-Meteors falling from the sky
  • 92-Retirement villa
  • 93-Your dream house
  • 94-Giant hand/other body part…
  • 95-Mountain…with a building inside
  • 96-Tree house
  • 97-The house opposite yours
  • 98-The house on your left
  • 99-The house on your right
  • 100-And last but not least…YOUR house.

If you found nothing in there that helped you, well, you’re too picky. But here’s some more building goodness. There are 10 specific styles of building that you can use to create strong themes in your builds. And, along with the main materials you’ll need for them, here they are…

  • 1-MEDIEVAL-cobblestone, stone brick, spruce wood, white wool, walls, fences, redstone lamps
  • 2-DEMONIC-obsidian, nether brick, end stone, nether fences, soul sand
  • 3-ASIAN-dark wools, nether fences, spruce wood/logs, stone bricks
  • 4-MODERN-iron, brick, quartz, stone slabs, cobblestone, glass, ice
  • 5-WESTERN-every kind of wood, fences, (some cobblestone)
  • 6-ANCIENT/DESERT– sandstone, (some oak wood/gem blocks)
  • 7-ABANDONED-mossy stone, vines, cracked stone bricks, gravel, (grey theme)
  • 8-FANTASY-pink/white/blue/red/green wools, glow stone, light woods, sandstone,
  • 9-INDUSTRIAL-stone, stone brick, furnaces, iron, glass, iron/coal ore
  • 10-STEAM-PUNK?-Defined as…”a cross between fantasy and science fiction where steam-power is prominent.” I still don’t know what it is, exactly. But apparently it’s in fashion.

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