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How to start a Minecraft project


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This will be short and simple but also very useful.
So we are going to follow some easy steps, but there is always room for imagination. My ideas and you imagination…omg it will be amazing.

How to start a Minecraft project

Step 1: IDEA

This is a part of planning your next project. You got to have an idea, improvising a project might lead to problems, problems such as: You quitting, buildings and their position didn’t go to your improvising plan or you might not fancy building again since everything just went wrong.

How to get an Idea? Inspiration, you need inspiration. You can get that by reading books/comics, real life experiences, watch movies, play video games, look up some videos etc.

Try to always be original, if you got the idea then look up if it’s done before. Need any ideas? Click here

So this is what you have to do, you need an idea or a plan. You need this before you go tearing up some beautiful landscape.

Step 2: HOW

You have to plan how you are going to make what you are going to make. Never try to build something to big and beyond your expectations. Try staying at your level and slowly improve step by step each project so that you can finish the maps ASAP and go on to the next map. If you do too much on a map and never finish than people can’t see the true potential in you.

It’s also important to have tools helping you out, my recommendation would be MCedit, WorldEdit and Voxel sniper to make things easier and for you to make stuff faster.

If you think you could use some help, then why not hire some builders? Always nice to have a person speaking to and giving opinions every now and then.


Starting building is one thing, but do you have your stuff together? I would recommend you to makes your gaming life more comfortable by cleaning your room a bit and cleaning up your PC so you have some organization and control over you stuff. It’s healthier and gives you more motivation to build.


Before you start building you need to figure out what building style you have. There are so many, but choose one you can rely on. Then search up your building style on google and try learn ways to improve it. Get ideas by looking at pictures how you want to build. Also try drawing what you are going to build, its actually fun.


If you really want to make a good impact and submit something really amazing try to visit some architectural places. Get inspiration by taking a stroll in the city, look at everything and think about what and how you can make. In minecraft everything is possible, you can do it. When I build something I already have taken a trip somewhere or seen something amazing I can get inspiration from.

Thank you for reading this blog and as always take care.


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