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How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft


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In view of the many resources offered by the Minecraft community , we are tempted to install more and more mods , resource packs etc … It seems that Mojang has made the decision to allocate only 2GB of ram via the new launcher, which , in itself is sufficient to run Minecraft.

But if you start adding a lot of mods and a resource pack, you might get a nice crash report and a lot of times it’s related to lack of ram. In this article, we will therefore see together how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft .

How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft

Step by Step:

here is the procedure on how to allocate ram easily through Minecraft launcher:

  1. Launch your Minecraft launcher and go to the “ Installations” tab to display your different profiles.
  2. Click on the profile you want to edit to allocate more RAM to it .
  3. Click on the “ More Options” button at the bottom left to display the options that interest us.
  4. In the JVM Arguments box , we are going to modify the value of -Xmx2G which simply means that Minecraft is currently allocating 2gb of ram to Minecraft. Since I want to allocate 4GB of ram, replace 2G with 4G.
  5. Click on Save. You can now re-enjoy Minecraft with all its fluidity.


If you’ve encountered the same problem, here’s what to do. To get started, check how much ram your computer has. Do windows key + pause key:

A window will open showing your pc information. For example, in the image below we can see that there is 16 GB of ram:


How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft

On Mac, click on the apple tab at the top left of your screen and click “About this Mac”. The “Memory” field will tell you how much RAM your computer has.

Now that we know how much ram our computer has, we will be able to adapt this to Minecraft. Here is an indicator to know how much ram to allocate to Minecraft:

  • For most cases (a few mods + a resource pack): 2 to 4 GB of ram are necessary;
  • For a fairly heavy mod pack such as FTB: 4 to 6 GB of ram  are recommended;
  • For a large resource pack + a lot of mods: 6 to 8 GB of ram are recommended.

It should be noted that it is not necessarily good to allocate too much ram to Minecraft knowing that the allocated ram will no longer be available for your other programs when your game is launched. So before allocating more than 1 GB of ram, see if it’s really necessary.


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