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Inspirations Mod Version 1.2.2


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The Way to Set up a Inspirations Mod?

Make sure you have set up the API that’s recommended with Inspirations Mod. This is suggested in the download links. After download mod, then find your .minecraft folder:

  1. Windows: Go to the Start menu , then go to Run . Otherwise, do Windows Key + R. Then type % appdata% in the search bar and then go to the .minecraft folder .
  2. Linux: Press ALT + F2 in Precisely the Same time. You should generally possess your .minecraft. In case you don’t view it, trigger hidden folders with an CTRL + H combination.
  3. Mac: The minecraft folder is situated in User> Library> Application Support. If you can’t locate Application Support, then do Finder> Menu Bar: Go + Hold ALT> Library.

Next drag your mod’s .jar file into the mods folder, and it is located in your .minecraft. Launch the game, If so, congratulations, you have successfully installed Minecraft Forge. Done!

Inspirations Mod

Inspirations are among these catch-all mods that come packaged with many small but functional features. The target of this mod made by KnightMiner is not to distort Minecraft, and the improvements are plausible. It’s due to this that the writer chose to create tiny additions.
In Inspirations, you can find interactive shelves, ropes where you can scale, rugs and stairs, new kinds of entrances with Redstone, etc.. It’s configurable, which means that every attribute may be disabled individually, or you may disable whole modules simultaneously.

The different modules of the Inspirations mod

The building module:

This module mainly aims to add new decorative objects as well as some interactive elements.

The shelf:

The shelf is a decorative block used to hold books. Books can be placed and removed from the frame by right-clicking with the mouse. Right-clicking with an empty hand will open the shelf GUI.
You can make the shelf using any wood, and the books have four variations:

  • Default (top left): random sized books that take the color of the inserted book.
  • Rainbow (top right): The colors in the book will vary from red to purple.
  • Tomes (bottom left): the books will be brown and they will be the same size.
  • Old (bottom right): the books will be brown and orange with the theme of the fire adventure.

Illuminated bush:

Lighted bushes are made with leaves and flowstone. The foliage will produce low light and is a decorative element beneficial during the holiday season. The brushes are available in several colors in addition to the standard lights.

Glass door and hatch:

The doors, as well as the glass hatches, are variants of the existing wooden ones. However, you will need to have the Silk touch enchantment if you want to recover. Otherwise, they will be broken like standard glass.


Mulch is a block that is made using sticks. It supports most plants that can be placed on soil or grass, but it does not allow tree planting.
Mulch comes in eight different colors, which can be crafted via dyes by putting them at the center of the craft.


The paths are decorative elements similar to rugs. They can be placed on most solid surfaces and have a small hitbox. The paths come in four variants:

  • Bricks: made with brick blocks
  • Rocks: made with cobblestone
  • Round: made with stone
  • Tiles: made with stone bricks

Rope & chain:

Rope and chain are alternative decorative elements on the scale. Instead of being placed on the side of a block, you can place them under the partnership. If you right-click on a string or chain while having the same element in hand, this will extend the rope or chain.

The ropes are available in three variations:

  • Rope: craft with a string
  • Vine rope: crafting with vines
  • Chain: craft with iron bars

Small flowers:

If you cut the bottom of the roses and lilacs with a pair of snips, you can collect two small flowers of the same type. If you use bone powder on the tiny flowers, they will return to their original appearance.

The container module:

The container module is designed to add new ways to make different crafts.

Anvil launch:

Anvils that land on blocks can modify the block. Glass is broken, the stone is turned into cobblestone, and many other interactions are added by default.

Brewing in the cauldron:

By right-clicking on a cauldron that sits above a fire block with various ingredients, you will be able to brew potions inside of it. Any type of potion can be brewed using the same ingredients.
Once brewing is complete, you can right click with an empty potion in hand to regain its capacity. You can also collect the potion with arrows.
As this characteristic adds an entity to cauldrons, it prevents them from being moved by pistons.

Cauldron tincture:

By right-clicking with dye in hand on a cauldron, you can color the water in it. If the water is already tinted, the colors will blend. Dyed water can be used to dye leather armor. To color the armor, have it in hand and click on the cauldron. If the pot contains only one dye, it can be used to dye wool.

Stew in the cauldron:

Mushroom, rabbit and beetroot stew can be prepared with a cauldron. Just right-click on the cauldron with the appropriate ingredients in a cauldron filled with water over a fire. (The mushroom and rabbit stew will require a bit of pre-crafting).

Colored water bottle:

If you right-click with a bottle in a cauldron filled with colored water, you will be able to collect the colored liquid. If the recovered water has only one dye, it can be used in place of the dyes.

The Adjustments Module:

The adjustment module is designed to add or modify various characteristics of Minecraft vanilla. It currently consists of the following characteristics.

Improvement of the cauldron in the inventory:

Cauldrons now use the 3D model when you have the item in inventory.

Improved Flower Pot:

Flower pots can now hold any type of flower. The system uses a check to determine if a block is a flower, so flowers from other mods can be planted in the pot.

Ribbon for enchanted books:

The ribbon on enchanted books is now colored according to the rarity of the enchantment. Everyday enchantments are red; orange will be for rare enchantments, green for rare ones, and purple for scarce ones.

Pig saddle removal:

You can remove the saddle from it by holding down the sneak key and right-clicking on a saddled pig.

Dispenser who places the anvil:

This feature was designed to work with the anvil drop. Distributors will attempt to place an anvil instead of throwing it.

Carpet for stairs:

Rugs placed on stairs now take the shape of a staircase instead of a flat.

Liana harvest:

When you harvest a piece of vine, you will get a piece without destroying the whole vine.


Heartbeets are relatively rare beets that you can drop in your crops. When consumed, they give 5 seconds of regeneration and restore a little more hunger than regular beets. They can also be used in a Brewing Stand to create a Regeneration Potion.

Melon shears:

Breaking a melon block using shears will allow you to collect 9 melon slices, like in the Pocket Edition version of Minecraft.

More uses for bone powder:

Bone powder has two additional uses:

  • When you apply bone powder to sand, there is a chance that a dead bush will appear.
  • When using bone powder on mycelium, there is a chance that fungi will appear.

More potions:

Some potions in Minecraft Vanilla were not craftable and they now have a crafting:

  • Haste Potion: Put Silverfish powder in the brewing station.
  • Fatigue Potion: Craft a haste potion with a Fermented Spider Eye.
  • Hunger Potion: Craft a regeneration potion with a Fermented Spider Eye.
  • Levitation Potion: Craft a leaping potion with a fermented spider eye.
  • Potion Resistance: Put a sheel shulker in the brewing station.
  • Blindness Potion:  Put some ink bag in the brewing station.
  • Potion Decay:  Put withered bones in the brewing station.

The utility module

The utility module is designed to add new useful items that will help you survive. Some of them interact with the redstone.

The brick button:

The brick button is difficult to see as it blends in well with a brick wall. If you right-click on it, it will be able to interact with the Redstone. The button is also available in clay brick or nether brick.

Carpet hatch:

Assembling a carpet with a wooden trap door will create a carpet trap door. When closed, it almost looks like a block of carpet, but can be opened to reveal a secret passage.

Bow with loaded arrows:

Charged Arrows are a variation of Arrows using Redstone instead of flint. They will do minor damage, but if they hit a block, it will produce a pulse lasting about 1 second to activate a mechanism, for example.

Lock and key for trunk:

The lock is a new addition that allows you to lock your chests. To use it, rename the coil in an anvil and put it on the chest by right-clicking. To unlock the safe, you will need a key with the same name as the lock. If you want to remove the lock from a safe, hold the sneak key and click on the safe with a key with the same name as the lock.

Torch lever:

Torch levers take on the appearance of a torch. They have a slight red tint at the base of the texture and can be activated by right-clicking them. They are similar to essential levers.

Redstone barrel:

Redstone barrels can emit a signal while being movable via the pistons. If you right-click with Redstone in hand, you will increase the barrel’s level and movement. If you right-click with something else in hand, you will decrease the rank.

Redstone loader:

The Redstone Charger is an item that can be used on a block to generate a pulse quickly. This pulse “strongly feeds” the union, which is targeted and weakly feeds the surrounding blocks. The pulse lasts about 1 second, which is the same duration as a button. If you hold the sneak key + a right-click, the vibration will only be one tick.

Redstone lever torch:

The redstone lever torch is similar to a lever, except that it only emits power on the block it is lit on.

The Way to Put in Minecraft Forge?

Minecraft Forge can be really a Modding API which means it is rather simple to put in a range of different Minecraft mods.

  1. Go to the Forge internet site, pick the Minecraft variant you want to conduct out of the side bar on the left, and then down load the installer.
  2. Open the .jar document you’ve just downloaded, then ensure’ Setup client’ is selected and then click okay.
  3. Once that’s finished you’ll find a success message.

You should see that the Minecraft Forge text at the lower left-hand corner and a Mods button below the multi-player.

  • Author:  KnightMiner
  • Minecraft version: 1.16.5 – 1.15.2 – 1.12.2
  • Mod version:  1.2.2

Download Inspirations Mod for Minecraft [1.12.2 -> 1.16.5]

Please read the wiki before asking questions in the comments.


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