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Mahou Tsukai Mod Version 1.30.6


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The Way to Set up a Mahou Tsukai Mod?

Make sure you have set up the API that’s recommended with Mahou Tsukai Mod. This is suggested in the download links. After download mod, then find your .minecraft folder:

  1. Windows: Go to the Start menu , then go to Run . Otherwise, do Windows Key + R. Then type % appdata% in the search bar and then go to the .minecraft folder .
  2. Linux: Press ALT + F2 in Precisely the Same time. You should generally possess your .minecraft. In case you don’t view it, trigger hidden folders with an CTRL + H combination.
  3. Mac: The minecraft folder is situated in User> Library> Application Support. If you can’t locate Application Support, then do Finder> Menu Bar: Go + Hold ALT> Library.

Next drag your mod’s .jar file into the mods folder, and it is located in your .minecraft. Launch the game, If so, congratulations, you have successfully installed Minecraft Forge. Done!

Mahou Tsukai Mod

Have you ever imagined drawing magic circles with your blood? I hope not. Otherwise, the confinement is going to have certainly driven you mad… I was speaking about a Minecraft mod named Mahou Tsukai. Are you curious? Are you not confident? Additionally, there are plenty of additional features that I will help you through this in detail, rather than all of them require ritual sacrifice! There I believe you’re convinced, therefore let us go!


After you enter into a world created using all the Mahou Tsukai mod, you presently have access to everyone its attributes. You’re a magician or no demand for ritual or anything.

This is situated in the very top left of the screen and reveals just two things: the quantity of mana you’ve gone and also the most portion of mana you have. Be aware that every time you utilize 100 mana, the highest amount is incremented, i.e.; it will likely be raised by 1.

Indeed, the more spells you throw, the more mana you drop, and the more mana you shed, the more mana you can store.
It’s helpful to be aware your mana recharges automatically, nevertheless quite gradually, the time based upon your highest mana. When you are hungry, mana regenerates more gradually. Sleeping, on the other hand, permits you to raise your mana with a particular amount simultaneously. Indeed, for a fantastic magician, then you need to sleep well and eat well.

Mana receptacles

It is also possible to craft mana receptacles. There are several kinds which, as you can imagine, do not have the same capacity. The emerald one has a total of 5,000, and the diamond one has 10,000 mana points.

When you have a receptacle in hand, a simple right-click will allow you to put 100 mana points inside; you will also notice that a filling bar is below the item. This stock will only be used for a spell if you run out of mana for that spell. You must have it in your inventory. Here are the recipes for making your receptacle:

Blood circles

The first step to doing magic is now complete. The second, no less critical, begins. As I said at the beginning of this article, you will have to use your blood to draw the magic circles. And yes, there are no pencils in Minecraft, so we do with hemoglobin. For that, nothing better than a dagger, rather pretty, it must be admitted, to scarify you.

With a right-click, you will lose a heart and have blood flowing effect for 15 seconds. Ah yes, wounds heal pretty quickly in Minecraft. During this time, you can use a key on your keyboard (defined in the settings) and draw a circle on the ground.


Finally, the third and final step to create a spell with your little hands. It would help if you had catalysts, an essential resource for bits. You may have noticed that the magic circles have three visible locations. It is for the catalysts themselves that define your fate. Catalysts are powders obtained from different materials. There is :

Quartz powder
Powder iron
Diamond powder
Emerald powder
Ender powder (withender pearl )
Eye powder (witheyes of the ender )

These powders are obtained in the workbench by combining the mortar and pestle or hammer with the corresponding resource. Of course, the crushing tool is not consumed in the exchange.

You now have all the cards in your hand to cast your spells. As you can see, you need several resources before you can launch your first spell. There are a lot of episodes (around 45 ), and the catalysts determine these. Indeed, you can add triggers to your magic circle with a right-click.

Their order and type define the nature and effect of the spell. And yes, there are also several types of attacks that I will list you below. For some bits or results of the same period, it is necessary to put a piece of cloth and draw the magic circle. Otherwise, the amount of material allows you to keep your spell and move it in the form of a roll with a right-click.

So let’s list the nature of spells:

  • Limiting Spells , Main Catalyst: Iron Powder
  • Movement Spells  , Primary Catalyst:  Ender Powder
  • Projection spells , main catalyst:  diamond powder
  • Exchange Spells , Main Catalyst:  Emerald Powder
  • Mystical spells , main catalyst:  gold dust
  • Spells of intelligence , main catalyst: quartz powder
  • Mystical Eye Spells , Main Catalyst: Eye Powder

Below is the list of all spells:

would use letters to go faster in the enumeration of catalysts:

Iron: F
Gold: O
Emerald: E
Quartz: Q
Ender: In
Eye: Oe
Diamond: D
In addition, when it is not specified, the piece of fabric is optional.

Spells of limitation

  • Alarm Boundary : FFQ (allows you to receive a message if an entity enters your borders)
  • Enclosure Boundary : FFF (When cast, creates a wall one block around the circle. When thrown, increases the height of the wall by one)
  • Tangible Boundary : FFD (creates an invisible barrier around the circle that only you can cross)
  • Displacement Boundary : FFEn (randomly teleports all entities in the area except you)
  • Gravity Boundary : FFO (lowers gravity for all entities in the area except you)
  • Boundary of Drain Life : FFE (drains the life of all entities in the area and turns it into life and magic for you)

Travel spells

  • Ascension  : EnEnO (underground, teleports all entities walking on the circle to the surface)
  • Protective Displacement : EnEnF, piece of cloth required (allows the player to teleport like an enderman)
  • Projectile Displacement : EnEnD, piece of cloth required (allows the player to teleport to the location of their last arrow)
  • Ordered Displacement : EnEnEn, without a piece of cloth (allows teleporting to the location of the closest identical magic circle)
  • Displacement equivalent : EnEnE, without a piece of cloth (allows to teleport two people or two mobs or two objects on the ground placed simultaneously on two magic circles if the two sections are loaded, it is in fact an exchange)
  • Mental Displacement : EnEnQ, piece of tissue required (allows to leave his body within a radius of 20 blocks in spectator mode. The player returns to his body if he exceeds 20 blocks.)
  • Scrying : EnEnOe, without a piece of cloth (if you throw a nametag on the circle, you can see from a distance the entity with the name on the label)

Throwing spells

  • Strengthening  : DDF, piece of cloth required (mends all the tools present in the inventory and increases their mining level by 1, for example a staff can mine stone, a wooden pickaxe iron etc …)
  • Projection : DDQ, piece of cloth required (the first circle memorizes a tool ready or on the player, the second circle copies it with durability of 5)
  • Crimson Black Keys of Proximity Projection : DDEn, piece of cloth required (summons a weapon that teleports the player to their target)
  • Bow of Weapon Projectiles : DDO, piece of cloth required (summons a bow that uses weapons or tools instead of arrows)
  • Reality Marble : DDD, piece of cloth required (teleports the player and his target, i.e. the entity he is aiming for, into a dimension covered with swords)
  • Power Consolidation : DDE, without a piece of cloth (spawn a lake of green water, throw an enchanted sword into it and you can fetch Caliburn in the water, a sacred sword)
  • Treasury Projection : DDOe, piece of cloth required (summons a Treasury Projection Gauntlet which, when the player right clicks, spawns swords from the inventory that rush at the target)

Mystical spells

  • Damage Replication : OOE, piece of cloth required (copies all potions effects and damage dealt to the player on their target)
  • Rho Aias  : OOF, piece of cloth required (summons a large protective shield)
  • Mystic Staff of Explosive Mana Condensation : OOD, piece of cloth required (summons a magic staff that produces a very large explosion, or a smaller one when the player is crouching)
  • Mystic Staff of Spatial Disorientation : OOEn, piece of cloth required (summons a magic staff that can propel targeted entities)
  • Borrowed Authority : OOO, piece of cloth required (gives the power and speed of a god …)
  • Cup of Heaven : OOQ (for that one, I invite you to inquire about the original mod link)

Spells of mystical eyes

  • Mystic Eyes of Binding : OeOeO, piece of cloth required (when looking at an entity, it is forced to stop its movement and face you)
  • Mystic Eyes of Minor Clairvoyance : OeOeQ, piece of cloth required (clairvoyance allows you to guess in advance the movement of entities around you)
  • Mystic Eyes of the Black Flame : OeOeD, piece of cloth required (black flames will appear where you are looking)
  • Mystic Eyes of Death Collection : OeOeF, piece of cloth required (when watching an entity die you gain a soul or soul pieces that protect you)
  • Mystic Eyes of Reversion : OeOeE, piece of cloth required (the entities you are looking at have their characteristics completely reversed)
  • Mystic Eyes of Fay Sight : OeOeOe, piece of cloth required (allows you to see Fae and Leylines which we will talk about later)

Spells for the  Familiar

  • Summon Familiar : QQQ, piece of cloth required (summons a familiar that tells you everything it sees. It is nameable)
  • Recall Familiar : QQEn, piece of cloth required (recalls familiar)
  • Familiar Exchange : QQE, piece of cloth required (swaps your place with that of the familiar)
  • Shared Vision : QQO, piece of cloth required (allows you to see through any entity’s eyes, this includes the familiar. Right click to return to your vision)
  • Familiar’s Garden : QQF, piece of cloth required (creates a space, only if the familiar is summoned, in which all entities are peaceful. The zone moves with the familiar)

Exchange spells

  • Damage Exchange : EEF, piece of cloth required (allows you to receive a certain amount of mana when damaged)
  • Chronal Exchange  : EEQ , without piece of cloth (when this spell is cast, you will gain mana every second of the first half-day that follows then conversely, you will lose mana every second of the second half-day)
  • Durability Exchange : EED, no piece of cloth (Place a tool on the magic circle and that tool’s durability will be converted to mana. You can also place a chest full of tools.) 
  • Catalyst Exchange : EEE, without a piece of cloth (the catalysts used for this spell will be randomly replaced by other catalysts and you can collect them)
  • Alchemical Exchange : EEO, without piece of cloth, (Each day at the time you placed this spell, a cubic area of ​​5x5x5 blocks around the circle will be randomly transformed into a block of the same type. For example, a block of oak wood will be turned into birch wood. This only works with items that naturally generate in Minecraft)
  • Contract : EEEn, without a piece of cloth, (form a circle around you, any player also present in this circle will be in contract with you, he will no longer receive the negative effects of your spells like a classic entity)
  • Immunity Exchange : EEOe, piece of cloth required, (can be used on you or an enemy you are targeting, allows the entity to no longer take damage from the last type of damage it took but double damage with another type of damage Example: I fight against a skeleton, I take an arrow, I place this spell on myself, I would no longer take damage with the arrows, but if a zombie attacks me, I would take double the damage.) 

Some additional features

Despite this large amount of spells, the mod doesn’t stop there. There is also a somewhat valuable item: the Mystic Code. It is a small box capable of storing bits. You can access the interface by right-clicking with shift down.

This consists of 3 boxes in which you can store spell rolls. Once done, all you have to do is choose your spell by pressing Y (default key), which reveals a wheel of bits that you have put in the box. You can, therefore, directly use the most valuable spells without drawing magic circles. The recipe consists of 3 gold powders and 6 pieces of fabric.

I mentioned earlier in the list that the Mystic Eyes of Fay Sight spell allows Fae and Leylines to be seen . Now is the time to detail what it is.

The Fae

Fae is a small creature that appears near Leylines. However, you can only see them with the Mystic Eyes of Fay Sight spell. But what can these little luminous flying balls be useful for? When you kill them, you can receive Fae Essence. This allows you, with a right-click, to create unique magic circles on the ground.

Indeed, with these circles, the spells no longer belong only to those who cast them, and anyone can use them. This is explained by the fact that classic bits are blood-related to the user. Everything makes sense.

The Leylines

Leylines, like Fae, are only visible with the Mystic Eyes of Fay Sight spell. These are lines of runes that connect with specific places in the world, forming giant magic circles. Their only use is to regenerate the player’s mana faster when he is close to a process.

We’re almost at the end of this mod description, but there are still a few things to showcase. There are the Mana Circuits. These come in two different forms but have the same function; it’s just aesthetic. When you place them, the mana circuits are empty and do not belong to you. It would help if you dropped mana inside for them to consider them to be yours. These are, in fact, fixed mana stores that allow the automation of spells in particular.

Finally, all that’s left is the Mahoujin Projector, a simple decorative block you can modify as you wish with a right-click. These take the form of entirely harmless magic circles that make you feel powerful in your basics. That’s all.

The Way to Put in Minecraft Forge?

Minecraft Forge can be really a Modding API which means it is rather simple to put in a range of different Minecraft mods.

  1. Go to the Forge internet site, pick the Minecraft variant you want to conduct out of the side bar on the left, and then down load the installer.
  2. Open the .jar document you’ve just downloaded, then ensure’ Setup client’ is selected and then click okay.
  3. Once that’s finished you’ll find a success message.

You should see that the Minecraft Forge text at the lower left-hand corner and a Mods button below the multi-player.

  • Author: stepcros
  • Minecraft version: 1.12.2 – 1.15.2 – 1.16.5
  • Mod version: 1.30.6

Download Mahou Tsukai Mod for Minecraft [1.12.2 -> 1.16.5]

Please read the wiki before asking questions in the comments.


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