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The best MAC 10 Warzone loadout advice


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In Warzone, the MAC-10 has had an outstanding run. Due to the release of the MP40, it is no longer quite as well-known, but it is still vying for the top slot in the SMG meta.

Despite this, this weapon is still very powerful, therefore we’ve decided to provide some advice on how to utilize it to the fullest:

Close range is where the MAC-10 shines. Despite Caldera’s more open terrain and conflicts, the MAC-10 performs best in enclosed settings and buildings because of its rapid fire rate and quick handling.
This SMG has excellent mobility and quick handling. This makes it quite simple to be aggressive, pull off rapid flanks, and outwit opponents.

Finding adversaries who are nearby is easy with the Heartbeat Sensor tactical. This strategy can locate an adversary precisely if you have reason to believe they are nearby but are unable to use a UAV. read more mac 10 loadout

The Warzone MAC 10 loadout’s alternate

Check out our MP40 loadout if you’re seeking for an alternative to the MAC-10 loadout. Due to its high damage output and superb mobility, this punchy SMG has been dominating Warzone Pacific and is still comfortably sitting towards the top of the SMG rankings.

The MP40 is a fantastic choice for people who desire a little more range in gunfights because of its quick handling speeds, superb accuracy, and tremendous damage output.

You now have access to the finest MAC-10 loadout, which can annihilate even the most talented Warzone players. Check out our additional Warzone instructions to gain an advantage in CoD’s battle royale game:


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