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What Pending Means on Snapchat | More Information


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You may have noticed the dreaded phrase “Pending” on someone’s profile. Additionally, you can view it in their DM or the conversation tab. Usually, the word “Pending” is represented by a grey arrow, which begs the question, “What does pending signify on Snapchat?”

We have provided a detailed response to the question, “What does pending signify on Snapchat?” if you have run across the similar issue.


What on Snapchat Does Pending Mean?
When a snap or message is marked as “Pending,” Snapchat is unable to send it to the recipient. However, the word “Delivered” will be printed on the streak when you send it. However, a grey icon will appear below it. It just indicates that they haven’t added you to their list of friends. The person is not one of your Snapchat friends. This does not imply that there aren’t further causes. All the likely causes of Pending on Snapchat are listed below.

Reasons Why “Pending” Is Appearing on Snapchat
After learning what pending on Snapchat means, it’s time to examine the causes of the message. What does it actually mean? Why is it visible in your friends’ chat? Here are all the rationales that might apply. read more  what does pending mean on snapchat


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