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NBA 2K22 Release Date, Ratings, and Every Features You Want To Know


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Thead’s Guide to NBA 2K22

The NBA 2K franchise has produced some of the most memorable moments in team and individual player history. In this final installment of our 9-part Breathable Timeline series, we take a look back at the highlights from the last two decades with an emphasis on the modern era. We speak candidly about how these experiences have shaped us as consumers, as gamers, and as human beings. Let’s see what we can expect from this latest installment.Read more nba 2k22 release date

The birth of the Finals

In the summer of 2000, the NBA and the NBA TV founders agreed to a strategic partnership that would see NBA TV provided with live coverage of all 50 teams in the NBA, as well as the All-Star Game. The deal would grow in scope and intensity as the following seasons saw NBA TV expand its coverage to the World Cup of Hockey and the Summer Olympics, as well as the 2002 World Cup Finals. The NBA TV contract would, in turn, evolve into one of the most popular and longest-running development deals in all of sports, meaning it would become icons within its own right. NBA TV, previously known as NBA et al, would grow into a network with vast potential and almost instantly become an icon of sorts. Unfortunately, the partnership between the NBA and NBA TV became more than just a ratings machine, as the networks also became partners in the NBA TV expansion. That expansion would result in NBA TV becoming a wholly owned division of Turner Broadcasting, which would go on to become one of the most recognizable and popular media companies in the world.

Watch the NBA 2K22 gameplay trailer

On August 30, NBA 2K22 released a one-minute, 35-second gameplay trailer. It’s low on real upgrades, focusing instead on new animations, face likenesses, and massive dunks — albeit it all looks amazing. You may view it right now:

NBA 2K22 release date: September 10

The 2K22 release date of 2K’s gorgeous baller follows a predictable pattern. NBA 2K18 was released on September 15, 2018, NBA 2K19 was released on September 7, 2018, and NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 were released on September 5, 2019, and September 4, 2020, respectively. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions arrived later, in mid-November, however that was due to the systems’ pre-Christmas release date.

This year, synchronicity was restored across all formats and generations, with NBA 2K22 release date set for Friday, September 10, 2021. The game is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC — albeit the latter edition does utilize previous-gen technology, which has sparked some legitimate debate.

NBA 2K22 cover stars are Parker and Doncic

The rise of the PG-13 rating system

For all of its success with the original NBA 2K series, 2K was quick to recognize the potential of the new ratings system in NBA 2K22. In an effort to make the format more palatable to both adults and children, the developer team implemented a new PG-13 rating system in-game. When challenged on a football or basketball field, players would often show off their best moves by making leap-frogs, which would earn them the ability to run Chou-Chou specials or steal baskets on the break with the help of their guarders. The new ratings system saw the introduction of stunt doubles, double-frocks, and more, along with more realistic player movement and facial expressions. In contrast to the usual strict PG-13 rating, which saw players get leashed and teased with profane language, some of the special moves in NBA 2K22 were considered advanced by today’s standards.

The decline of the PG-13 rating system

In the wake of NBA 2K22’s success, several NBA TV executives hoped the ratings system would be extended to the World Cup of Hockey and the Olympic Games. However, those efforts were quickly shelved in favor of the new NBA 2K series. As the years passed, the NBA 2K rating system experienced a decline in popularity that saw it drop from an average of 16 million viewers to just over 12 million. That decline saw NBA TV exit the ratings system as an independent entity, as well as the parent company of NBA 2K, Turner Broadcasting, as part of the parent company group. In the end, NBA TV was forced to give up its rights to the ratings system in exchange for greater financial support.

Only one franchise (Denver) can match our success in 2K history

In his book About the NBA, New York Times NBA writer Marc Spears documents the impact that the 1992-93 Denver Nuggets had on the NBA. The Nuggets, who were then the defending champions, moved to a new home in the Mile High City, and they quickly became synonymous with championship success. In the book, Spears also details how that success was built through a combination of hard work and incredible luck. The Nuggets won their first ten NBA titles under their new ownership, and they would go on to become the first team to capture back-to-back titles since the Brooklyn Dodgers won two World Series titles in Brooklyn in 1948 and 1949. To this day, the name Colorado State University (CSU) can be found on the name-challenged home court in the NBA’s Western Conference.

The return of Playoffs

In the wake of their success in the NBA 2K series, the Denver and Golden State franchises were eager to return to the playoffs, and they did so in 1997 and 1998, respectively. That season, the teams met in the Western Conference first round before losing to the New York Knicks. That put the teams in a tailspin, with each experiencing rapid decline in ratings and attendance. In the end, it would be the retirement of head coach Don Nelson that would see the franchises once again gain some credibility and playoff appearances. That season saw the teams meet in the conference semifinals before losing to the Houston Rockets. That loss would be the final straw for NBA 2K fans and the franchises were out for the rest of the season.

NBA 2K17 is here!

In the wake of the Denver and Golden State franchises’ decline, and the significant decline in ratings and attendances, the opportunity to compete in the NBA 2K series was too good to pass up. That opportunity would come in the form of the return of the NBA 2K series to the screen. The first step was to ensure that every single member of the cast and crew was healthy and able to compete. That meant finding a new location to shoot the final game of the season, as well as hiring a new production staff. After that, it was business as usual, with the teams heading back to the court as they had never done before.


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